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Every month in Cardiff we produce over 140 Tonnes of rubbish.
That’s enough waste to fill up 8 Olympic sized swimming pools!
All that waste has a big impact on our planet! Harmful gases are released into the air that we breathe, and precious resources such as trees, oil, minerals and water are taken from the ground.
If we recycle more of our rubbish, it can be re-used again and again instead of being dumped into disgusting landfill or burnt. Helping to save the planet!

Ever wondered what happens to all that lovely recycling once it’s picked up by the recycling lorries?

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Listen up everyone, ask your teachers if you are all set up for recycling at your school. If not, tell your teachers that it's time to sort it out!

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If you take your own lunch to school, try to have a waste-free lunch. Use reusable bottles or flasks for drinks instead of throwing them away every time. Get a reusable airtight container for food instead of disposable wrappers. Don't take more food than you can eat.
Organise jumble sales to raise money for your school or a charity. Clothes and toys that you have grown out of might be perfect for somebody else.
Compost your left-over food. Then you could use the compost to grow vegetables! Has your school got room for a veg patch?

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Visit Wastebuster.co.uk and Recycle for wales for some recycling tips!
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Visit Wastebuster.co.uk and Recycle for wales for some recycling tips!

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