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Cardiff Council has launched a city-wide campaign to clean up our streets and neighbourhoods and is calling on the citizens of Cardiff to get involved to help make the Diff-erence.

We will focus on five key elements – just click on each one and scroll down to find out more!

Neighbourhood Cleaning

The City Council’s neighbourhood services teams are undertaking deep cleans of wards in the city.

The deep cleans will involve gully emptying, fixing street lighting and highway defects, cleaning road signs, street cleansing, enforcement action, removal of fly tipping, cutting back hedges on council land and the removal of dangerous trees growing in lanes. This is in addition to the normal cleaning operations.

We are also going to be tackling the city centre in a major six month operation – find out more on Wales online

The Council is happy to work with residents in these communities while these deep cleans take place. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved.

There are currently no scheduled events.

Zero tolerance approach to littering

Advertising throughout the city will remind litterbugs of the fines they can face if enforcement officers find them littering.

Enforcement officers use both the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 to issue Fixed Penalty Notices from £80 for littering up to an unlimited fine imposed by the court for fly tipping offences.

There are a number of enforcement teams operating in the city and an additional team is now operating in student areas of the city.

Enforcement Officers do not only focus on residential or business properties that do not present their waste correctly at the kerbside. They will also enforce against those that illegally store waste in the frontages of properties and companies or individuals that put skips on the highway or on council land without the correct permission.

Don’t get caught out, check your collections or view the waste fines you could face.

Raising recycling awareness

Doing your bit to recycle and compost is essential for the city. The Welsh Government has set challenging recycling targets, higher than the targets set in England. The City needs to recycle and compost 64% by 2020, increasing to 70% by 2025.

We would like to thank all those that are working with us to separate their waste for recycling.

All local authorities in Wales could be financially penalised if these targets are not met. This could be as high as £400 000 for every percent missed from these targets. It is in the interests of the tax payer for everyone to play their part and recycle and compost as much of their waste as possible.

How to separate your waste

Student education

Working closely with the Universities and colleges, information and education on the zero tolerance approach will help encourage students to take pride in the areas that they live.
Visit Cardiff Digs for information on waste and recycling for students.

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